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personalised goals book
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Personalised Goals Notebook and Journal

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Such a great idea, we think everyone needs a Goals Book!


This is a totally unique book that will be your tool to create an amazing future based on your dreams, passions and purpose!

Everyone has goals (even if they don’t realise it) and this gorgeous book is just perfect for giving as a gift and it can be personalised with initials or a date which will be hand stamped for you in gold foil.

There’s no one way to discover your purpose, but there are things you can do to understand better the thing that will bring you fulfilment.  This inspiring journal will even give you questions to help you find your purpose.  For example, think about the following:

What situations get you really excited?

What subjects do you enjoy learning about?

What do you love doing that also helps others?

There’s even a section for you to rate your life and look at where you’re satisfied, feeling awesome or need to work on with regards to relationships, health and fitness, career etc.

Start at the beginning by crafting your vision for your future and decide what is the most important. You can then break down your plans into short, medium and long term goals. Keep track of all the steps you need and finally you can reflect on your achievements.

This great journal is full of inspirational phrases and quotes to keep you on the right track and even includes space to fill in your brainstorming ideas.  Add your what, why, when and how and keep track of your key milestones along the way and follow this up with things you need to do and finally, the outcome.

A fabulous new book that will help you to create a vision and explain how to set your goals following the four Cs - clarity, challenge, commitment and complexity. Such a beautiful way of keeping track of your life goals by noting them all down in this informative and stylish notebook.


Think about exactly what you want to achieve and write it down with as much detail as possible.  Then you can track your milestones and measure your success.


If your goal is a challenge, you’re more likely to be motivated and you’ll make it happen.  Make it achievable though and not so difficult that you’re likely to give up.


Make sure you know why this matters to you.


If your goal is a large or complex one, break it down and make sure it’s not too overwhelming!  Stay focused.

Your Goals Book has space to plan 10 short-term goals, 6 medium-term goals, and 4 long-term goals. With a textured hard cover, your Goals Book is perfect to live on your desk or carry with you wherever you go.

What should I include in my personalised goals notebook and journal?

Create a vision and start by asking yourself key questions to discover your purpose and what truly excites you.  Then create a vision for your next five years, decide what your main priorities are and turn this vision into a series of goals. 

Set your goals and divide them into long term, medium and short term.  The journal has brainstorming sections to capture what you truly want to achieve.  Make your goal specific and measurable - make sure it’s something that you are passionate about. Remember that long term goals will take you a few years to complete; medium term goals will take six months to a year and short term goals can be achieved in little more than a month.

Write your lists - decide the date that you want to achieve your goal by and set up milestones along the way.  Then figure out what steps you need to take to make your goal a reality.

Get stuff done and take action every day towards your goals and celebrate your progress as you go.  Make sure that every goal you complete takes you closer to your vision and helps you live a life of purpose.

Please note that we use a traditional letter press for personalising our books and all text will be in upper case and we cannot use special characters e.g. exclamation marks, but letters only.