Time To Slow Down And Get Your Fika On!

We’ve hugged and cuddled the concept of *hygge"* which was introduced to us by the Danish, and now it’s time to embrace fika. 

So, what is fika?  Basically, it’s an almighty Swedish coffee break.  So what’s new about a coffee break?  I hear you.  This is a coffee break with a difference.  It’s all about taking a breather with friends or colleagues.  And the reason we should all fall in love with this concept is because it’s about slowing down.  Lose the idea of a coffee break being a ‘grab and go’ paper cup of liquid fuel to keep you going.  This is all about a moment where the world stops and you drink in everything around you.  And let’s face it, we all need an excuse to slow down. 

Fika is a ritual and while there are no hard and fast rules, it’s generally taken as read that your strong cup of coffee or tea will be accompanied by a tasty treat.  And don’t go thinking that you can sit at your desk and carry on working during your fika moment, because this is simply not fika!   

In Sweden you’ll find that fika is incorporated into the day both in the morning and the afternoon and many Swedes consider it essential to make time to share with friends and colleagues.  It’s a wonderful excuse to meet up with friends and spend some time together.  It’s certainly a lifestyle that we could all learn from - an embrace of a slower pace of life!

It’s considered an important part of your working life to take a pause, socialise, refresh the brain and strengthen relationships.  Even the mighty Volvo plant stops for fika and in many companies, managers will regularly bake something at home to take into work to accompany the coffee.   

Back in the day, this beautiful break would have consisted of home made fabulousness, no M&S to rely on!  Click here for some traditional recipes that you might like to try!

Fika can take anything from ten minutes to several hours as people in the Nordic countries are known to drink more coffee than anyone in the world, even the Italians!!

More and more UK companies are getting out the coffee cups, slicing the cake and following suit.  So get on board with this cool concept, slow down and make time to share with friends and colleagues.  It’s very easy to implement and there's no ‘right’ way to fika, no right cake and no right coffee or tea - just remember that work talk is prohibited.

Make a little space in your life and “Let’s go fika!”. 

* (In Denmark and Norway, “hygge” is generally used as an example for a general state of lovely cosiness)

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