Best friends

Best friends

Has it really been two months since I moved my business back home.. ! Where has that time gone..? Now that is just Lola and I (for those who’ve not met Lola.. she’s my doorbell 😂 and my gorgeous 4 legged friend!) I worried it would be lonely.. but it’s absolutely far from it!!

When I used to work on my own  pre 2012, most of my friends were still working, but I had a great network of school mums who’d always be up for a cuppa or 4.. usually turning into a glass of wine if you were at Katherines house 😂 

But that’s changed now, my boys are all grown up, there are no school runs to get me out of the house, and so less wine and coffee being consumed..

Now I have Lola to get me up and out.. and I have the best business friends a girl could wish for.. and together we regularly meet up so there’s always something to look forward to.. this gorgeous picture of @joannabespokeverse and I was taken at last weeks congregationofinspiration run by the amazing Holly & Co where we met up with so many hugely talented and inspirational business owners.. and later today I’m traveling to Salisbury to spend a whole weekend with some of my business besties for a weekend of creative energy and wine of course 🍷..

I hope what ever your doing this weekend it’s full of fun and laughter.. 🌸

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