Always make time for yourself!

Always make time for yourself!

I had a amazing time in Bournemouth last week.. it was only for five days, but reading, paddle boarding and swimming everyday was just the tonic I needed to wind down after a crazy few months. 

For those of you that haven;t heard, I'm bringing my business back home and downsizing.  A decision I've not made lightly, but one I belive is the best thing for both myself and my business. 

Letting my team go was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made and one that was filled with so many emotions.. and probably why since i've made the decision my creativity has seemingly disappeared.

I'm hoping that with a little time, everything will fall into place, because being creative is in my DNA, and without it I feel kind of lost.  The crazyness is almost coming to an end and soon I will be back working from home again, but this time armed with the experience of running a business for the last 9 years, and a weath of amazing business friends on hand if I need a shoulder to cry on!

I'm hoping that if I take care of myself the rest will fall into place!

Suzy x

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